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Who is tha RecordMonster?

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Sound Creator

Here’s a couple old podcast mixtapes for Strange Gibberish:




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The RecordMonster!!!!

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Defenders 85x11 Tshirt transer


RecMonT Kong




Hideous Sexy PartyFinal


H4 war of the zombies coverHi Res



MaydayT Transfer


RecordMonster Hi Res B&W







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Strange Gibberish Crew

RecordMonster has quite a few releases with the Strange Gibb Crew! Check the World Famous Strange Gibberish Recordz website for more RecordMonster Funk!!

SG Banner Raygun Clean Official


RecordMonster Hi Res B&W

Follow the link below to check out some songs on Soundcloud. Feel free to add RecordMonster to keep up on new work in progress, snippets, releases & mixes.